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#’Crossing Swords’ Team on How ‘Game of Thrones’ Influences the Raunchy Comedy (VIDEO)

#’Crossing Swords’ Team on How ‘Game of Thrones’ Influences the Raunchy Comedy (VIDEO)

We can all use a good laugh right now, and who’s more reliable for a good dose of humor than the team behind Robot Chicken? They’re responsible for Hulu’s latest stop-motion hit, Crossing Swords, which made its [email protected] debut this weekend following the show’s June premiere.

Creators John “Harv” Harvatine and Tom Root, as well as voice star and executive producer Seth Green, chatted virtually with TV Insider about the raunchy comedy, which uses peg people (think Fisher-Price’s vintage toys) to tell the story of Patrick (Nicholas Hoult), a well-intentioned peasant who lands a squire job in the royal castle.

Patrick’s idealistic beliefs of his kingdom are quickly shattered when he learns that the system is run by a mish-mosh crew of “horny monarchs, crooks and charlatans.” The peasant’s penchant for goodness has also put him on the outs with his family, creating a multitude of problems for him at the viewers’ expense.

“The idea kind of came from Harv in a way cause he’s a toy guy,” Root says of the show’s concept. “He’s a toy photographer and he’s an animator, and he made his own Ghostbusters toys out of pegs and they were sitting on his desk for years… and we just thought, ‘Could we make a whole show out of something that looked this simple?'”

Crossing Swords

(Credit: Hulu)

The answer to that question is yes, as confirmed by the first season of the comedy, which was also inspired by another famous fantasy show — Game of Thrones. In the video interview above, learn more about how Thrones influenced Crossing Swords, the reason the British-born Hoult voices Patrick with an American accent, and much more.

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