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#Chris D’Elia Denies Knowingly Texting Underage Girls

#Chris D’Elia Denies Knowingly Texting Underage Girls

Comedian Chris D’Elia denies that he knowingly texted underage girls. D’Elia’s name started trending on social media late last night after a 22-year old woman accused him of messaging and flirting with her when she was only 16-years old. She provided screenshots of their conversations, which led to other women coming forward with similar grooming stories. You can read D’Elia’s statement below.

“I know I have said and done things that might have offended people during my career, but I have never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point. All of my relationships have been both legal and consensual and I have never met or exchanged any inappropriate photos with the people who have tweeted about me. That being said, I really am truly sorry. I was a dumb guy who ABSOLUTELY let myself get caught up in my lifestyle. That’s MY fault. I own it. I’ve been reflecting on this for some time now and I promise I will continue to do better.”

All of the women who came forward with allegations against Chris D’Elia mention that he tried to solicit nude photos and/or sex from them. Most of the sexual misconduct allegations are from women who were just a lot younger than the comedian. Not all of them were underage. As of this writing, no legal action has been taken against D’Elia, though that could change at any point in time.

Simone Rossi was the woman who originally shared her Chris D’Elia story. “For the longest time I thought it was embarrassing for ME that I was interacting with this older man,” she says. “But he was the one who DM’d me on twitter and was the one who was twice my age and was the one that used the power imbalance between us to his advantage so f*** Chris D’Elia.” Other women started to chime in with their own similar stories, with more than a few of them coming at a time when they were underage.

Another woman posted, “Chris D’Elia tried to procure me when I was 16. The accusations against him are all true, these emails are from 2014.” One woman tweeted screenshots of emails she claims are from the comedian when she was 17-years old, in which D’Elia allegedly asks about a “naked sex date.” Apparently, none of the women who posted their sexual harassment stories online ended up meeting with D’Elia.

Along with Chris D’Elia’s alleged grooming of underage girls, his comedy and acting work has been thrown into the spotlight. D’Elia appeared on three episodes of the Netflix series You last year, where he played a man who menaces a 15-year old girl. Several jokes about underage girls can be found in his Twitter feed, with only a few of them deleted over the years. Obviously, those jokes haven’t really aged all that well for D’Elia. TMZ was the first to reveal Chris D’Elia’s statement denying the sexual misconduct allegations with underage females.

Chris D’elia tried to procure me when I was 16. The accusations against him are all true, these emails are from 2014. @ETCanada@SheRatesDogs@[email protected]/qPnEHXqJWe

— colleen✨? (@colleenriley42) June 17, 2020

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