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#Chris Brown Extends Olive Branch To Usher Following Alleged Fight

Chris Brown has expressed his admiration for Usher following the latter’s Super Bowl performance, seemingly burying the hatchet months after the two reportedly got into a fight.

On Sunday (February 11), soon after the Atlanta native’s highly anticipated set at the NFL event, Breezy applauded his peer from a distance with what appears to be a truce.

On his Instagram Stories, the controversial singer praised the 45-year-old’s brief concert with a single emoji. The succinct post simply read: “[fire emoji] @usher.”

Check it out below:

According to reports from last spring, Breezy and his crew assaulted Usher at a roller rink party. When news of the alleged fight first surfaced, both artists began trending on Twitter. While the initial details of the ordeal were murky, TMZ ultimately confirmed that an altercation did indeed occur.

In a video posted by the outlet, both singers could be seen at the Skate City roller rink in Las Vegas, NV with their respective crews. When Brown started trying to talk to Teyana Taylor, who was there with Usher, she turned her head. This apparently upset the “Run It” hitmaker and he began yelling at her.

The “OMG” superstar then intervened to diffuse the situation. Though the video didn’t make clear what happened next, he reportedly came back a short time later with a bloody nose, prompting rumors that he’d been jumped by Chris Brown and his crew.

The very next day, the R&B stars performed at Lovers and Friends.

Before his performance, Usher posted a number of videos on his Instagram Story and took fans behind the scenes of his set. What was noticeable about his face was that it was visibly untouched, which refuted reports of him suffering an injury the night before.

Chris Brown appeared to be in great spirits when he took the stage as well.

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