#Cat tree concept proposes a multifunctional and risky design

Living space is becoming more expensive and cramped as time goes by, and that’s especially true when you’re sharing your home with furry friends. Space for human furniture will sometimes have to give way for those designed specifically for pets unless you can find a way to combine those two in a way that creates harmony rather than turf wars. Some pet furniture, however, doesn’t seem to be conducive to that design by nature, like a cat tree whose entire purpose is to give felines a place to play, scratch, or sleep in. That’s exactly the unbelievable idea behind this unusual furniture concept that blends a cat tree and a shelf for humans in a rather visually unique way.

Designer: Ricardo Sá

Thanks to their innate agility, cats are notorious for climbing places. They’re also pretty bad at scratching surfaces (just like dogs are infamous for chewing shoes), so cat furniture is often designed to address these needs while enticing cats away from human furniture. Unlike a simple bed or house for a cat, however, a cat tree not only takes up space on the floor but also quite a bit of height from the room as well.

Inspired by the Japanese art of “tameshigiri” or test-cutting swords through rolls of straw or bamboo, Slash is a cat tree design concept that tries to make room for the needs of both cats and their owners. More specifically, it’s a shelf with inclined surfaces, definitely unusual for a shelf, that makes different areas more suited for different functions. The inclined part closest to the floor, for example, would be a good scratching pad for your cat, while the shelves that stop in the middle pillar would be ideal for books.

There is a flat shelf in the middle, and one of these has a ball hanging down for a cat to play with. The middle pillar of the cat tree has cushions at the top and bottom for the cat to sleep or perch on. The middle space can be for almost anything, especially stuff that you don’t want to accidentally fall off.

Slash has an intriguing and unconventional design that will pique the curiosity of cats and humans alike. That said, it’s rather questionable where putting human objects, especially fragile objects like a potted plant, where a cat plays is actually a good idea. You might know which shelves are for you and which are for the cat, but your feline family might have other ideas and claim everything for themselves, as cats often do.


JC Torres

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