#Blogger explains why she jumped into Hudson River in viral TikTok

#Blogger explains why she jumped into Hudson River in viral TikTok

August 17, 2020 | 12:56pm

A Long Island woman who grossed out the web by posting TikToks of herself jumping into the Hudson River admits she took a dive for the attention — but she’d never do it again.

“When it started getting likes, I was like, ‘OK, this was what I wanted,’ ”Donna Paysepar, 20, told NJ Advance Media of her postings over the weekend. “I just have the YOLO [You Only Live Once] mentality.’’

But the Nassau County food blogger and lifeguard said her Aug. 12 romps in the infamously polluted waterway, with the Statue of Liberty in the background, were her first and last.

Paysepar told the site she didn’t swallow any water from the nasty drink — although she said in her Tiktok footage, “The water was really gross.

“It tasted really bad. I got some of it in my mouth.”

Paysepar said she only jumped and dived into the river on the spur of the moment while on the boat of a friend from Port Washington, LI.

“I did it for the video and for the memory,’’ said Paysepar, who also posted footage on Instagram, to NJ Advance. “And ’cause it was also hot.”

A still photo from one of Donna Paysepar's TikTok videos where she addresses jumping into the Hudson River
A still photo from one of Donna Paysepar’s TikTok videos where she addresses jumping into the Hudson Riverchef_dp

Her videos garnered several million views — and a slew of comments from people chastising her over the health risk.

“still thinking about that girl who jumped in the hudson river in nyc bc that girl bouta test positive on all types of radiation and bacteria,” one person tweeted. 

Another wrote, “If I hear someone jumped into the Hudson River I assume it’s a suicide attempt.”

Paysepar told the site of the backlash, “I thought it was funny, but some comments are a little mean.

“Some people are sending death threats saying, ‘I hope she dies from that water’ … ‘She’s not going to be able to have kids.’ ”

After taking so much heat, Paysepar posted footage of herself quoting the website for New York state’s Department of Environmental Conservation about the river — and promised to go to the doctor “soon.”

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