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Anime Maru’s Guide to the Re Cinematic Universe

One of the most prominent anime franchises in the last decade is also one of the least talked about, and much like the Marvel or Fate universes it is complex — spanning multiple storylines, timelines, and mediums. We here at Anime Maru have put together a guide and optimal chronological watch order for each entry in the Re Cinematic Universe. No matter if you’re trying to get into Re for the first time and looking where to start, or if you die-hard fan wanting to rewatch for the millionth time, this guide will surely be useful.


Chronological Viewing Order: #1

Release date: Spring 2016

Re:Zero starts off the entire Re timeline when Natsuki Subaru is suddenly transported into an alternate universe while coming home from the convenience store. This sets into motion a complex series of events that are repeatedly referenced and recalled throughout the Re continuity. Re:Zero introduces iconic characters such Emilia, Rem, and Felix; as well as less important characters like Ram.


Chronological Viewing Order: #2

Release date: Summer 2016

Around five months after the events of Re:Zero, where a high school-aged hikikomori mysteriously disappeared after visiting a convenience store, Tennouji Kotarou meets the lone member and president of the Occult Research Club, Senri Akane. The two recruit new members into the club and reveal hidden mysteries of each member through various adventures.

Re Cutie Honey

Chronological Viewing Order: #3

Release date: Summer 2004

The mysterious organization Witch’s Cult introduced in Re:Zero reorganizes as Panther Claw and terrorizes Tokyo. Kisaragi Honey is a cosplayer who has the magical ability to alter her costumes and appearance, and transforms into Cutie Honey in order to fight the evil powers that be.

Tokyo Ghoul:re

Chronological Viewing Order: #4

Release date: Spring 2018

After Cutie Honey opens a portal and traps herself and Panther Claw in a parallel dimension (the one Re:Zero takes place in), a new terrorist organization known as Aogiri Tree threatens Tokyo. Without the help of Cutie Honey, the CCG turn to Quinx Squad, a group of humans surgically altered to leverage their special abilities as ghouls led by Sasaki Haise. But Haise is slowly haunted by the memories of his past.


Chronological Viewing Order: #5

Release date: Summer 2016

Confusingly released at the same time as Rewrite, ReLife takes place around two years after Rewrite at the same school. 27-year-old Kaizaki Arata is given a pill to revert back into a 17-year-old and goes through high school all over again. Is the mysterious person who gave him this pill related to the Quinx Squad? Only time will tell.


Chronological Viewing Order: #6

Release date: Spring 2017

The story line for Re:Zero is finally reunited with the other events happening back in Tokyo. All the parallel worlds are in fact the manifestation of the imagination of various creators. After Mizushino Souta discovers that he can summon characters from parallel worlds into his own world, the Occult Club from Rewrite enlist him to bring back Cutie Honey and Subaru to help CCG defeat Aogiri Tree once and for all.

Re: Hamatora

Chronological Viewing Order: #7

Release date: Spring 2014

This is the major crossover in the Re Universe — kind of like The Avengers. In Re: Hamatora, we learn that all the supernatural abilities possessed by characters in the Re Universe are known as Minimums. Kotarou (working under the alias “Nice”) and the Occult Research Club from Rewrite are now a detective agency called Hamatora and is pressed into solving a strange mystery. During the events of Re:Creators, a serial killer named Moral hunts down Minimum Holders and use their brains to give Minimums to people without abilities, with a stated goal for all people to be equal. Moral proves to be a formidable foe, with the ability to change his appearance. He even manages to kill the police superintendent sent to arrest him.

Moral is actually working for Aogiri Tree, and after they are defeated in Re:Creators, he is exposed and hunted down by Kotarou and revealed to be none other than the shape-shifting Cutie Honey! Before Kotarou can subdue her, the police superintendent Cutie Honey/Moral appears to have killed comes back to life and kills her. The police superintendent is revealed to be Subaru from Re:Zero in disguise, and his Minimum allows him to rewind time to the point of his death. Now Subaru wants to cleanse the world of all Minimum holders once and for all.

Note that in the United States, this chapter of the Re Universe is known as X-Men.

Revue Starlight Re LIVE

Chronological viewing order: #8

In a surprising departure from the climactic showdown between Kotarou and Subaru, we are transported to another universe (as described in Re:Creators) in which all men have been spirited away. This mobile game focuses on a cast of girls who all have Minimums relating to stage performances, who do battle with mysterious enemies whose themes change every few weeks. Aijo Karen is set to find out why they must constantly fight these strange monsters when they are actually supposed to be students at a performing arts school. With your credit card information, she will surely be successful.

That’s all there is currently to the Re Universe. I’m looking forward to see what will become of Arata and the girls in Revue Starlight Re LIVE. I hope to see them again in future crossovers.


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