#Animation Desk Pro lets you create cool animations and GIFs right on your iPhone or iPad

#Animation Desk Pro lets you create cool animations and GIFs right on your iPhone or iPad

TLDR: With Animation Desk iOS Pro Lite, you can create fun, engaging animation right on your Apple devices just like a super-expensive animation app, all for a fraction of the price.

If you’ve ever done any digital animation work, you probably already know a few things. You know animation is notoriously time-consuming work, getting all those figures and animated worldbuilding elements moving and looking just right. And with all those graphics and the motion and processing needs happening, animation is a notorious resource hog that can slow down even newer, nimble computers.

However, Animation Desk not only cuts down on all the extra steps that can drag out the animation process, but it’s all happening right on an iPhone or iPad. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Animation Desk iOS Pro Lite service is available at almost 75 percent off the regular price, just $39.99.

Animation Desk Pro includes all the essential tools most budding animators need for creating short animated videos, along with some helpful methods for speeding up the process of both drawing and ultimately sharing your artistic vision. 

Unlike some of those more demanding animation programs, Animation Desk Pro never overwhelms or overcomplicates your project. It brings together an intuitive interface, a wide range of art tools and features like the copy paste tool that uses past frames to help create new images, all so artists aren’t starting every frame completely from scratch.

With Animation Desk Pro Lite, animators can create quick pencil test animations, do sketches, lay out storyboards of their film’s action and more. Meanwhile, the app’s helpful extras allow users to perform important organizational work as they go, like annotating frames or organizing with specific tags.

Animation can happen over video, images, or even Photoshop layers, and can be exported in a range of different formats, including everything from MOV and GIF to PSD and PDF.

If you enjoy drawing or have ever been curious about animation, Animation Desk is a great way to dive in and engage in the process easily, even if you’ve never tried it before.

With this offer, the lifetime of Animation Desk iOS Pro Lite access that’s usually $149 is now on sale for almost 75 percent off, down to just $39.99.

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