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#Animal Crossing Fan Danny Trejo Offers Tour of His New Horizons Island

#Animal Crossing Fan Danny Trejo Offers Tour of His New Horizons Island

Danny Trejo is a massive fans of Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game. He has a recurring segment on Animal Talking, which is a talk show hosted by Gary Whitta (Rogue One) about the game. The Danny’s Island segment takes place completely on the Machete actor’s island as he gives off a tour of some of his favorite things to do within the Nintendo game. For those who know Trejo’s work and part of his backstory, this is a bit on the weird side, though there’s nothing wrong with being weird at all, especially if you’re Danny Trejo.

When asked about the idea for Danny’s Island, Gary Whitta says, “I came up with the idea inspired by Danny’s genuine and infectious child-like love of the game.” Whitta’s description is spot on within 30 seconds of watching the first segment. “When I pitched it to him he jumped at it immediately.” It’s really kind of amazing just how into Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trejo is and how much he knows about every little thing.

In the first six-minute episode of Danny’s Island, Danny Trejo takes co-host Adam Nickerson on a tour and shows off Muscle Beach, while telling viewers how important it is to have a boombox on the sand, he shows of his taco stand, which he says the late Anthony Bourdain loved, while also showing off a massive collection of butterflies. One of Trejo’s favorite things to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fishing. He says that he almost always has a fishing rod in his hands while playing the game.

Danny Trejo’s excitement over Animal Crossing: New Horizons is infectious. The actor even wakes up to slam some protein powder in the video game just like he does in real-life before pumping some iron. During the first installment of Danny’s Island, Trejo is full of laughs and enthusiasm as he encounters other characters in the game and one can tell that the actor has spent a lot of time playing it. There hasn’t been a whole lot of anything else to do, so Trejo has been logging in some serious hours on his Nintendo Switch, which is a great endorsement.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out March 20th on the Nintendo Switch. That was exactly when the world shut down and gamers went in hard on the new Animal Crossing game. Social media is still flooded with posts about the game and the custom islands. It sold 5 million copies in its first month of release alone and has gone on to become the best-selling game in the Animal Crossing series with 13.41 million units sold in only six weeks. The nonlinear life simulation game played in real-time has taken over a lot of lives in the past few months, and Danny Trejo is one of them. You can check out the first installment of Danny’s Diary above, thanks to Gary Whitta’s YouTube channel.

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