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#All the nomination fallout (day 52)

“All the nomination fallout (day 52)”

Taylor Hale Big BrotherThe moment that we learned what the nominations were going to be in the Big Brother 24 house today, we expected a mess after the fact. These aren’t the nominations we wanted as a fan, but there was no denying that it would lead to some of the most drama-filled feeds we’ve had in a while.

If you haven’t had a chance to be up-to-date much on things as of late, here’s what we can go ahead and tell you. Turner won Head of Household last night, a competition that he 100% did not need to win. From there, he made the decision to mislead the entire Big Brochella side of the house into thinking he was still with the Leftovers. He wasn’t, and he went back on some direct promises in nominating Taylor and Brittany. Sure, back-stabbing is a part of Big Brother, but there is also a certain bit of nuance in how you go about it. This is something he really lacked, and that’s why we imagined there’d be some anger and hurt feelings from members of his one-time alliance — which also includes Michael, who could end up being the actual target.

So what have seen since the nomination ceremony? Well, for starters, Joseph has been demonized for spreading around that Taylor, Michael, and Brittany were close at Dyre Fest — and from there, that Taylor was playing too hard or somehow being shift with her own allegiances. After nominations people always look for someone to blame, and this is happening here. The big problem is that Taylor, Michael, and Brittany still aren’t aware that Terrance and Alyssa know anything for sure about the Leftovers, even if they have their suspicions.

For the record, Michael is 100% aware that he will be the replacement nominee if either Taylor or Brittany is removed; it’s not that hard to figure out. Turner and Kyle have basically pulled in Monte, and are calling themselves The City Council. We suppose they can’t be the Pound without Joseph.

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The real truth, sad as it may be to say, is that Big Brochella got complacent for much of this past week. They had it easy on the inside with a unified target who they were after from the very start. The Dyre Fest crew played significantly harder and used that time to plot and scheme. They’ve come back inside steps ahead of the rest of the group and they’ve been mostly organized. The one mistake they’ve made is Alyssa slipping that she knew some of the plan before it happened, whereas Turner acted like he didn’t tell anyone about this decision. (Alyssa is not good at this game.)

Probably the most aggravating part of all of this is watching people like Alyssa and Terrance be able to revel in their new-found power. They’ve mostly benefited here from 1) a showmance and 2) Terrance getting second place in a competition. They didn’t really have any strategic mastery that deserved them landing in this spot.

What do you think will happen in the Big Brother 24 house overnight after all of this mess?

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