#7 Ideas for Your Next Creative Project

7 Ideas for Your Next Creative Project

Creative additions to ordinary items and situations can quickly make your work product stand out. If you are trying to add a creative twist to a particular project or simply increase your creative output by building your skills, the tips below can help you find new ideas for current challenges.

1) Start at the End

Visualize what you want your project to look like when it’s complete. Create a mental video of how you will show off your amazing creation and how you will present it. Stand in the mental space of having made a successful presentation and getting congratulated by your team leader, boss, and potential client. What did each slide or page contain? Was there narration, music, or another source of information in your presentation?

Once you know what the presentation looks like, create an outline of what aspects you need to put together to create the whole package. What do you know how to do? What do you need to learn?

2) Be a Beginner

One of the nifty things that a beginning creative can bring to an existing tool is that you don’t know what won’t work. Whether you’re just figuring out a computer program or messing around with a recipe, coming at it as a beginner can give you the freedom and flexibility to make errors, fix them, and learn.

Creativity as a beginner will take time. However, time pressures can push those creative buttons!

3) Add an Image to the Written Project

Create visual interest by breaking up the page. If you’re presenting a technical writing project, add a graphical abstract image to every other page. If you’ve got columns in a newsletter, add an image to the center of the page.

Even if your audience is enraptured with your writing, images break up the page and provide relief to the reader. The text requires the reader to build the visual; the image lets the mind of the reader relax a bit.

4) Use a Timer

Creativity isn’t just playtime, but it’s important to remember that there’s a clock in the real world. If you just have to stop planning and start creating, take your laptop to the coffee shop without your power cord and push yourself until you’re out of power. Set a timer for 25 minutes or put on a hat or set of headphones to remind yourself to stay in your chair and push to wrap up the next page.

5) Change Your Schedule

There are times of the day when we have more energy and moments when we’re quite sluggish. If your most creative time is tied to supporting others instead of working on your own projects,

  • get up earlier
  • take a nap and stay up later
  • go for a walk

There’s a reason that “Aha!” moments come when we’re in the shower. First of all, showers are habitual. Washing up has a pattern; we don’t have to think about it. Showers are also noisy and generally private. Going for a walk can give you the same benefits without using all the hot water.

Prep your brain for creativity by putting the project into your head before you go to bed with the expectation that you will wake up with an answer. Use your morning walk time to let those ideas come up. Take your phone and record ideas as they come up.

6) Change Your Perspective

Be ready to put away a tough project and come back to it when you’re fresh. If you’re creating a visual project such as a painting or drawing, put it on an easel and walk away. Catch the image in your peripheral vision or sit down and study it from below to get a fresh view.

7) Don’t Force It

Forced creativity is no longer creative. If you’re under a tight deadline, take a 5-minute break, walk around, stretch your body and your spine, and have some water. Set a timer for the next 25 minutes, utilizing the Pomodoro technique, and push hard until the beeper goes off. Take another break and repeat.


Creativity doesn’t happen in a shiny bubble far from the real world. Sometimes, creativity just frees up time or feeds 2 more people. You don’t have to create a craft to utilize your creativity. Celebrate your wins!

by Hannah Boothe

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