#7 Ideas For Using Stained Glass In The Interior

#7 Ideas For Using Stained Glass In The Interior

Stained glass is more in style than you think and many people have started adding it to modern architecture. Keep reading for 7 ideas for using stained glass in the interior.

There can be no right or wrong opinion in this situation and all because there are so many techniques for creating a stained-glass window and so many ways to use it that you can enter it in absolutely any apartment.

1. Stained Glass for Decorating Partitions and Screens

Often zoning of the space is carried out using plasterboard partitions, screens or glass wall partition. If they are decorated with a stained-glass, then you get a stylish decoration for the room. The technique of stained glass is selected depending on the style of the interior, but using too transparent elements is not recommended.

2. Stained Glass Windows

Most often, the stained-glass is used for decorating windows. Such a solution allows you to transform the interior because sunlight will be refracted and give non-standard lighting to the room.

If the windows face the north side, it is better to choose light colors for stained glass. Stained-glass windows are best suited for bedrooms and relaxation rooms.

The stained-glass on the window can serve not only as decor but also become a purely practical solution when it is necessary to hide the room from the prying eyes of strangers.

That is why stained glass windows often become an adornment of bathrooms. Some people hide behind the stained glass not the best view from the window.

3. Stained Glass Doors

The stained-glass can occupy both the main part of the interior door and serve only as a small insert. Stained glass doors will decorate the interior in any style.

If the insert of the stained-glass is large and sufficiently transparent, then the light will be able to penetrate into neighboring rooms, without disrupting the insulation. Abstract patterns in a bright color palette are often used to decorate doorways.

4. Stained Glass on the Ceiling

Ceiling stained-glass is often used to decorate interiors, which are able to make even the smallest and darkest room visually larger, lighter, and taller. Thanks to the stained-glass on the ceiling, you can create the illusion of a glass roof, behind which there is boundless space.

It is possible to integrate a stained-glass window into a suspended ceiling made of drywall or wood and backlighting becomes a mandatory requirement.

An additional advantage of using ceiling stained-glass is obtaining interesting lighting. Such inserts are often used to decorate living rooms and dining rooms.

5. Niche in the Wall with a Stained-Glass

Stained glass panels can be used to decorate walls. If at the same time organize lighting, then such a stained-glass can serve as an interesting night light, play the role of decorative lighting or become an accent detail in the interior of any room.

With the help of different techniques, you can apply almost any pattern so you have the widest scope for design imagination.

6. Stained-Glass Lamps

Stained glass lamps are an integral part of the interior in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles but can find application in other directions too. Stained glass shades can decorate both table lamps, floor lamps, and sconces as well as ceiling lamps.

The light passing through the colored glass allows you to create an unusual atmosphere in the room but it is unlikely to use such lighting as the main one.

7. Stained-Glass Tables

A stained-glass will help transform even the most ordinary coffee or dining table. If you decorate the countertop with a sandblasted stained-glass, you get a stylish interior decoration that will not lose its functionality as you can safely write on it or put a cup of hot tea there.

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