#6 Ways You Can Advertise Your Business

A successful business needs customers. Getting customers for that business requires promotion and advertising of that business. While the last century gave a limited range of options for advertising a business, the digital world of the 21st Century has greatly broadened an entrepreneur’s options for advertising. Provided below are six solid ways to advertise a business in the modern day.

1. Trade Shows

Industry trade shows are a great meeting place for buyers and sellers within a given industry. The setup for a trade show might seem intimidating but many businesses have reported experiencing a notable return on their investment in attendance and promotional equipment like trade show booth displays. If you choose to go with this route, be sure to collect the contact information from everyone you engage with during a show so that you can update your e-mail marketing lists accordingly.

2. Google Business Profile

Google is like the new yellow pages, giving potential traffic the full run-down on your company. With just a few clicks, your business address, hours of operation, and website can be assessed. With “Google My Business,” you can give your company a much-needed boost in visibility when people use the leading search engine on the planet. Even better, the people who have a notable experience with your business can leave a written review, rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 and both you and your audience can post pictures of your business, be it the location, the products, or services, or even candid shots taken by clientele.

3. Create Relevant Content for YouTube

Video marketing is a great form of promotion and YouTube does not cost a cent to work with. You can use YouTube as an effective promotion tool, giving your audience another way of interacting with your business. Consider making one brief overview video for your business and then upload it to a promoted YouTube channel that you can also embed onto your business’ website. After your initial explanatory video, you can feel free to make other videos related to your business, such as educational videos on different products or services or even dramatized tutorials. Videos covering niche topics tend to get high priority in search results and one of those videos might be just the thing to draw in a new customer.

4. Online Communities

One great method for promoting a business is to network with an industry-specific online community. By focusing on networking with members and actively engaging in their discourse, your business can grow a reputation within the relevant industry and even give you a chance at writing guest posts and articles. This sort of advertising can also raise your business’ credibility within its industry.

5. Pay For It

Paying for advertising can be quite beneficial to promoting your business.

  • Paying for ads on the TV or radio may be traditional, but they have a greater deal of reach than other advertising methods.
  • You can also promote your business’s social media posts, turning them into ads that are targeted toward a specific audience, area, or even duration of the promotion.
  • Pay-per-click ads are a service where Google will prioritize ads for your business, using specific chosen keywords. The trade-off with pay-per-click ads is that you must pay Google a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

6. Discount First Time Business

Discounts and free trials are a great way of gaining the interest and business of new customers. If a discount is sufficient, it can also encourage those new customers to refer others to your business. Free samples and trials also give potential customers a chance to engage with your products and services without a severe investment of their money; in turn, raising customer trust and allowing your offerings to speak for themselves.


Whether you want to promote discounts to first-time customers, outright pay for advertising services, engage with relevant communities on the internet, synergize your business with a YouTube channel, keep an active Google Business profile, or work the trade show circuit, there are plenty of ways to advertise a business. You can even combine these approaches, like having closing messages in your YouTube content that mention a discount code.

by Rayanne Morriss

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