#6 Things to Ask Your Kratom Vendor for a Bulk Shipment

Mitragyna speciosa, or kratom as it’s commonly known, has garnered considerable attention in the last couple of years due to its numerous healing properties. Native to Southeast Asia, the tree boasts potential pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kratom belongs in the same family as coffee. That explains its near-similar effects to caffeine, including energizing properties.

Some studies have also found that kratom may elevate mood, relieve stress & anxiety, improve sleep quality, treat low libido, and mediate specific opioid withdrawal symptoms.

One way to enjoy kratom’s healing properties is to order the herb in bulk.

Ordering kratom in bulk is relatively more affordable than buying the supplement piecemeal. It also saves you time by reducing the frequency you have to go shopping for new kratom products.

However, there are specific questions to ask a kratom vendor before ordering from them. This article highlights six such questions.

1. Do You Deal In Organic Products?

The growing awareness of the dangers of consuming inorganic compounds has translated into increased demand for organic products. Bulk kratom vendors like KratomMonkey have since responded by providing a wide range of supplements formulated from organically-grown kratom.

Organic kratom refers to kratom extracts from plants cultivated using natural manure, fertilizers, and pesticides. Such products are free from heavy metals and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). That makes them safer and more potent than their inorganically-produced counterparts.

One way to determine whether a kratom vendor deals in organic supplements is to check the ingredients in their products. More on this later on.

2. What Strains Do You Offer?

Kratom, like most herbs, comes in multiple strains. These strains can be described based on the colors of their leaf veins or the specific regions within Southeast Asia where they come from.

The most popular kratom strains by leaf vein color include white vein kratom, red vein kratom, and green vein kratom. In terms of native origin, we have Maeng Da kratom from Thailand, White Malay from Malaysia, and Red Borneo from the Borneo island, to mention but a few.

It’s crucial that a bulk kratom vendor defines their strains, as each strain comes with distinctive effects. For instance, White Malay is mostly uplifting, while Red Borneo is mostly sedating. A lack of understanding of the signature effects of the different kratom strains is a recipe for mislabeling.

3. Where Does Your Kratom Come From?

We’ve just mentioned that kratom strains can have distinct effects depending on their native range. However, this isn’t the only reason to ask a bulk kratom vendor where their kratom was harvested.

A reliable kratom seller should understand where their products are grown and harvested. Note that the highest-quality kratom tends to be obtained from small family-owned plantations. That’s because such farms typically use organic and sustainable farming methods. They also harvest kratom leaves naturally and when the plant is fully mature. Therefore, the harvested extracts are usually of the highest potency.

4. Do Your Products Come With A CoA?

A certificate of analysis (CoA) is a report that accompanies kratom supplements, verifying that such products have undergone rigorous testing to ascertain them as safe and effective.

The CoAs are typically available in most kratom vendors’ e-commerce stores. Be sure to ask for the report if you can’t seem to find it. And once a bulk kratom vendor avails their product CoAs to you, analyze the report carefully to ensure a third-party laboratory did the testing.

At this point, you’d also interrogate the seller’s products further to determine their active ingredients. Avoid supplements laced with inorganic or toxic chemicals, including artificial preservatives and sweeteners.

5. Do You Ship To My Location?

It doesn’t matter if every other thing checks out. You’ll only want to order bulk kratom from a company that ships to your address.

Ordinarily, you’ll head to a kratom vendor’s e-commerce store (if they have one, and they should have one) to understand the different locations the company ships to. But whether the list captures your area or not, it’s still prudent to get this information from the horse’s mouth. Note that kratom laws vary worldwide. Therefore, a vendor will only ship to your address if you order from jurisdictions where the herb is legal.

And as you establish whether a bulk kratom vendor ships to your location, try to also understand the cost implications.


Those mentioned above are some pertinent questions to ask a bulk kratom vendor before ordering products from them. These questions will give you a comprehensive idea to seller reputation, products, and services. Authenticity of the Kratom product is the most crucial factor, so pick only the bsest vendors.

Remember that the idea is to establish the seller’s credibility before transacting any business with them.

by Jessica Smith

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