#6 European startups dragging rail networks into the future

“6 European startups dragging rail networks into the future”

When it comes to B2B products, it’s all about building relationships, something that can be challenging for startups entering traditional industries like rail. But over the last few years, the rail industry has reached out to startups to provide a way to gain their insights and draw them into its ecosystem.

Examples of these initiatives include the UK’s Rail Innovation Group an incubator for rail startups — and Deutsche Bahn’s DB Mindbox. Since 2015, the latter in particular, has organised hackathons and supported more than 150 startups with their proof of concept, 60% of which continue their business cooperation with DB.

Startups provide an opportunity to innovate with technology, solving problems that have plagued the transport industry for decades, from repairs to safety, maintenance, and customer experience. Here are just a few of the many startups making a difference in your daily commute:

SIUT (Germany)

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Navigating train stations isn’t fun in the dark. Berlin startup SIUT turns concrete into an information and communication medium. Precast concrete elements transform through the targeted integration of optical fibres into luminous displays in railway stations, airports, and public spaces.

Neuron Soundware (Czech Republic)

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