#5 Ways To Make Your Survival Subscription Box Stand Out

The market is awash with all sorts of products. There’s hardly any product that is not saturated in the market. Regardless of the industry, you can always find anything to buy.

For this reason, marketing your product becomes a bit tricky because every business is looking for innovations to dominate the space. The level of competitiveness has got to fever-pitch height.

Like in every competition, the best option is uniquely positioning your brand to make it exceptional. You’ll find out that in most cases, everyone appears to be doing the same thing to get results.

If you’re in the survival subscription box business and are holed up in the competition saga, you are not alone on this. The simple reason is that the business is a thriving one, and industry players are struggling to outdo each other.

This article will give you the magic wand to be outstanding even among major competitors.

How To Make Your Survival Subscription Box Stand Out

With thousands of products on the market, identifying a quality survival subscription box requires some knowledge about the subscription box industry.

There’s no doubt that some companies offer outstanding survival subscription box, which industry pros describe as the most badass products on earth. They are curated by experienced users and industry experts to give you an edge over other subscription boxes.

Items in a typical survival subscription box include emergency supplies such as a multi-tool, carabiners, firestarters, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, etc. Let’s explore the techniques to make your survival subscription box stand out.

1. Create Video Content

Audio-visuals are a new way to make a lasting impression on people’s consciousness. Many people tend to remember what they see rather than what they read.

Video content is making inroads into the marketing industry. They are a great way to advertise products because those customers who may not want to pay attention to words on paper can quickly watch a video script and get the message.

Creating video content can make your product go viral on social media. Video content appears more convincing and can quickly receive customers’ attention. It’s a powerful tool to make your survival subscription box stand out.

2. Use Social Media Influencers And Bloggers

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Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy products that their influencers are either using or recommending. These days, social media influencers are helping to market products and make them famous.

To make your survival subscription box stand out, leverage social media influencers. They are ready and eager to work for you because they get paid for their services.

One influencer can have thousands or even millions of followers. They greatly impact their audience and can easily persuade them to buy your product.

Another way by which you can make your survival subscription box popular is by using bloggers to promote your product. Social media bloggers account for a high percentage of adverts in the media space.

They use SEO-optimized content to make your product discoverable on Google searches. They can quickly reach out to their audience through their blog posts.

3. Offer Bonus And Incentives

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Experience has shown that people love incentives. Once you offer people something free to patronize your business, you can be sure to see them again. In some cases, they bring other customers.

If you want to make your survival subscription box stand out, offer a bonus to your customers. Businesses offer what has come to be known as BOGOF (buy one get one free). This is a unique method of selling your product.

You can offer something attractive as a bonus to your customer’s subscription box package. Incentives are a great way to motivate people to buy from you.

The bonus can also come in the form of discounts. Customers are happier when they feel they’ve acquired a product at a far lower price than its actual worth.

4. Make The Renewal Process Unique

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Because you want to stand out, everything about your product has to be outstanding. Since your survival subscription box is renewable, you must make the renewal process unique and convenient.

For example, if it’s a monthly subscription, you can make the renewal process automatic so that your customers don’t have to undergo the same process every time they want to renew their subscription.

You can offer your customers new products in their next subscription without prior notification. This way, you give them a pleasant surprise. Customers love discovering new things in their packages, making them happy and essential.

5. Request Feedback and Reviews

What people say about your product speaks volumes about the product. Customers value the opinion of other users about your product because it gives them first-hand information about the real users of the product.

If you’re in doubt, check online and read the thousands of reviews customers make about products they’ve used.

It’s easier for a prospective customer to believe what a user says about a particular product. To make your survival subscription box stand out among the crowd, allow your customers to give informed feedback and give positive reviews.

You can specifically ask your customers to give their reviews based on areas of interest. You can ask them to state if they would recommend the product to others or express their experiences when they used it.


No matter what product you offer, satisfying your customers should be your utmost priority. They are the ones to determine whether your product stands out or not.

You must constantly communicate with your customers and ensure that your survival subscription box is making waves.

Because the survival subscription box business is highly profitable, the competition is quite fierce. You must do something extraordinary to remain on top of the game. These powerful options will certainly make a difference in your business.

by Jessica Smith

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