#5 Things to Look Specialist in Malaysia

5 Things to Look Specialist in Malaysia

Marketing is a significant part of business growth and determines your success. But marketing is broad, from customer relations to product optimization. SEO is one area you must focus on when budgeting for your business marketing. It helps you rank your website locally and internationally according to your desired market reach.

SEO also promotes long-term results by giving you consistent traffic for a long. It translates to a higher ROI because organic traffic will cost you less when your site ranks on first SERPs. It is critical to hire a veteran SEO specialist to promote your website and ensure it ranks high on search engines.

Therefore, you must understand what it takes to find a reliable and efficient SEO firm or individual for your business. That will help boost your business growth in Malaysia and open doors for expansion. This post will help you address the challenge of picking a suitable partner to work with and ensure your business website ranks better and attracts more customers.

Here are five things you will look for in an SEO expert to ensure you get the best for your money.

1. Experience

Qualifications and experience are different areas that determine a person’s delivery. The former can be in the form of certification. Experience comes from the amount of work done and the years a person has been in the field. An experienced SEO specialist Malaysia will have all the understanding of the current technologies involved in ranking websites.

Ask your candidates how long they have served in the SEO field. But let not the duration only determine your choices. It is possible to be working as an SEO expert for 15 years yet not accomplish much. Also, consider the number of projects completed. It will help you determine whether the years of practice were worth it.

Also, try to get as much information as possible about their previous projects. How did their exercise go? Were they able to complete the assignments without fail? An experienced SEO specialist knows various tactics to make their job successful.

2. Their Knowledge Level

SEO is broad, and it is easy to miss something critical that affects website ranking. You may have heard of businesses that could not get their site ranked or appear on the first pages. It is not that they did not put in enough effort. The problem arises with how they approach and tackle their ranking exercise.

Missing one concept can cause a negative impact by spending more and seeing little results. SEO has three main aspects:

  • On-page SEO: This method involves optimizing content to have the required keywords. The keywords must appear in content titles, image tags, and the body. It also includes creating unique content; long enough for search engines to rank. Interlinking pages is also part of on-page SEO.
  • Off-page SEO: It is ranking a website using other methods outside the site itself. These methods include link-building, brand mentions, social bookmarking, etc.
  • Site Structure: This option is a technical approach. It involves working with developers and designers to create an SEO-compliant website for a business. Without knowledge of this, all SEO efforts may become fruitless.

Ask your candidates how much they know about each method and how they can improve your website ranking using each. For instance, in the site structure, you will need to update and improve the UI, permalinks, and content loading time (also affected by server resources).

3. Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are an indicator of business success. Ask about how many long-term customers your Malaysia SEO candidate has. If you get a significant number, it means the services rendered are fruitful, and the customers want to engage the expert long-term and with more projects.

Avoid people calling themselves SEO experts without a tangible track record and loyal customers. They will try to twist the story to get you to commit, but be steadfast in finding a reliable person to carry out the duty.

4. Business Roadmap and Expectations

Your SEO candidate must meet your business goals. However, you must have realistic expectations. Before hiring the SEO specialist, ask them how they minted to meet your goals. How long can they take? What approaches will they implement to meet your goals?

Ensure you have concrete answers that will move your project forward. Avoid people with virtual responses. Also, ensure the expert has checked your website, your products, and the intended keywords for ranking. That will be vital in drawing a roadmap to accomplish your goals.

5. Communication Skills and Methods

The SEO specialist will work with other team members in your company – marketers, customer care agents, sales team, and IT personnel. Therefore, they must blend into your organization’s culture and ambitions. Ask what methods they will use to communicate their progress. It will be vital for your organization to know where the SEO goals are heading to determine whether the investment is worth it. Never accept answers saying that you will see the results at the end.


SEO is a fundamental backbone of all marketing efforts, alongside customer support. You must have a clear objective when hiring an SEO expert for your business. It will be critical that you understand their capabilities before hiring them. Also, determine their credibility, expertise, and reliability to be sure you put your project in safe hands.

by Jessica Smith

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