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5 Spring 2020 Season Anime Series Worth Watching This Summer

#5 Spring 2020 Season Anime Series Worth Watching This Summer

Held captive by quarantine for most of this season, do you think this made opinions more critical or lenient for the season? It’s hard to say. However, there were a lot of shows that I thought I was going to hate, but ended up quite nice. It was a season of pleasant surprises to pass the time, but few of these shows will be classics, I reckon. If you are looking to see what was worth watching this spring 2020 season, we got you.

Tower of God

Bam spent his whole life trapped beneath a a mysterious tower with his closest friend Rachel. One day, Rachel disappears, claiming she is going to climb the tower. Bam manages to open the door to it as well and attempts to climb in order to be reunited with Rachel.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Based on an incredibly popular Korean webtoon that really deserved an anime, Tower of God was made as an original by Crunchyroll, which gives me a lot of hope for a Solo Leveling anime someday. That aside, this series takes a dungeon crawling plot and makes it feel like a whole new story thanks in no small part to its large and hugely creative cast of characters as well as the competitions they are put in.

My Next Life as a Villianess

At eight years old, Katrina Claes, the only daughter of a duke, hits her head and suddenly remembers she was once a seventeen-year-old otaku that got isekai’d. She realizes that she is now in the world of Fortune Lover, the otome game that she had been playing before her death. Unfortunately, she is not the heroine, but rather the villianess who usually ends up dead or exiled at the end. As such, she endeavors to change her fate and avoid all doom flags.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Managing to be both harem and reverse harem at the same time, this series is filled with that endless feelgood fluff and comedy that a lot of people probably needed this season. Furthermore, although it is isekai, it is a more soothing slice of life isekai where you feel endeared toward the main character who might have been a villain before she was reincarnated, but is now lovable and silly.

Princess Connect Re:Dive

The main character is sent to a new world. Kokoro, a girl chosen to be the guardian of her lord travels to that specific location, told that she would find her lord. While teaching him of his new world, she meets several other companions and they decide to form a Gourmet Guild in search of delicious things to eat.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – I don’t care that this is based on a gatcha game and I was prepared to be bored by it. I love it. The jokes can be a bit repetitive sometimes, but weirdly enough, it and its jokes fill a very Konosuba-shaped hole in my heart. The character dynamics and comedy feel a lot like Konosuba, and those sort of fantasy comedies can come at me all day long.

Sing Yesterday For Me

After college, unsure of what to do with his life, Rikou gets a job at a convenience store. There he becomes visited by a high school drop out with a pet crow as well as has rekindled feelings for a senpai that visits the store one day. This is the story of the growth of several individuals as they take their first steps into adulthood.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Like Tower of God, this series is another based on a long-running manga. Itdidn’t so much dwell on traditional tropes and romance, but rather tackled more relatable problems and feelings that people had. At a glance, even if you are a romance junkie, this is a difficult series to get into. However, embrace that it is about more subtle emotions rather the twee doki-doki love stories and it becomes something quite poignant.


Kakushi Goto is relatively well known for his lewd mangas that he creates. However, when his daughter Hime was born, he vowed to keep his professional a secret. This is the story of the great lengths he goes through to keep his ecchi manga profession a secret from his beloved daughter.

Why It Is Worth Watching? – Its another comedy show about a guy trying to be a father to his daughter. This time, it has the added twist of him not wanting his daughter to know he draws lewds for a living. It’s cute and inventive with its subterfuge at times.

Did you have any favorite shows from the Spring 2020 season that we missed? Let fans know in the comments section below.


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