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#5 Anime Breakups That Still Make Us Sad Today

#5 Anime Breakups That Still Make Us Sad Today

Not only in real life, but also in anime series, breakups can be painful. But which anime breakups made us the saddest?

How do I get my ex back“,” Why did the relationship fail? “,” What to do if I no longer love my partner? “- Lovesickness is also a central theme in anime. However, some breakups are still hard to digest years after a series first aired:

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Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon R

The love of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba, also known as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, is one of the most entertaining storylines in the series. But the dream couple also split up in the meantime because Mamoru believes that the relationship is endangering Usagi. Fortunately, the couple quickly find each other again over the course of the series.

Bulma & Yamchu – Dragon Ball Z

The first time Yamcha and Bulma suffered a crisis when Yamcha cheated on Bulma. Their relationship ends when she finally falls in love with Vegeta. The happy ending for Bulma and Vegeta also satisfied many fans, as there were some who were hard hit by their separation from Yamcha.

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Takayuki Narumi & Mitsuki Hayase – the eternity you want

Takayuki Narumi and Mitsuki Hayase begin a relationship when Mitsuki tries to help Takayuki deal with his girlfriend Haruka’s accident. She is in a coma after the car accident. When Haruka finally wakes up, Mitsuki ends the relationship and sacrifices her own happiness for that of Haruka and Takayuki – a decision that caused indignation among many fans.

Hanabi Yasuraoka & Mugi Awaya – Scum’s Wish

Even if the relationship between Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya only came about because they both wanted to keep their feelings secret from other people, this did not make their separation any less painful. Because in the course of the series, the two developed real feelings for each other, which is why the end of their love broke the hearts of many fans.

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Akari Shinohara & Takaki Toono – 5 cm Per Second

The separation of Akari and Takaki is one of the saddest of the Anime story. This is mainly because the relationship did not end because of a lack of feelings or arguments, but because after Akari’s family moved, it simply proved impossible for the two of them to keep in touch regularly.

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