# 3D shoot ’em up Angelian Trigger announced for Switch

3D shoot ’em up Angelian Trigger announced for Switch “

PiXEL has announced Angelian Trigger, a psuedo-3D-2D-style 3D shoot ’em up for Switch. It will launch in 2023 with support for both English and Japanese language options.

The game’s staff includes:

  • Character Design: Akihiro Kimura (ZAVAS, Emerald Dragon, Alshark, Alnam no Kiba: Juuzoku Juunishinto Densetsu)
  • Music: Akari Kaida (Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire III, Okami)
  • Director: Hidekuni Sasaki
  • 2D Animation: Yukihito Tanaka
  • Backgrounds: nspace
  • Enemy Character Design: Yu Hiraoka, Soushokunin Dora, uhper2319
  • Effect Design: Toshikazu Arai

Watch the announcement teaser trailer below.

Announce Teaser Trailer

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