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#’13 Reasons Why’s Dylan Minnette Previews the ‘Heaviest Season for Clay’ (VIDEO)

’13 Reasons Why’s Dylan Minnette Previews the ‘Heaviest Season for Clay’ (VIDEO)

In the words of Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) from the trailer for 13 Reasons Why‘s final season, “don’t freak out.”

Even though Netflix’s adaptation of Jay Asher’s best-selling YA novel is coming to an end with Friday’s drop of episodes, we’re hearing that the story might actually have a happy ending. Or at least happy-ish, which we’ll allow for a show that began with sensitive teen Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) seeking justice for his friend Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) as he listened to a series of tapes she left behind recounting the rape, abuse, bullying and isolation she endured before taking her own life.

Expanding beyond the book after Season 1, Reasons has gone on to tackle a glut of issues facing teens today while exploring the lives (and deaths) of those most closely impacted by Hannah’s suicide, as well as the failures of teachers and parents who often turned a blind-eye to the their mounting traumas.

Along the way, the Selena Gomez-produced project has also developed into a bit of mystery. To protect one of their own, Clay and his friends framed Bryce’s teammate Monty (Timothy Granaderos) — who was killed in jail while being held for his role in another heinous assault on a student—for the Season 3 murder of Hannah’s football-star rapist Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice). And while we know who really killed Bryce (no spoilers if you aren’t caught up!), Season 4 asks who else knows and what do they plan on doing with that info?

One thing we can say for sure is, all of this, the lies, the deaths, the secrets, the betrayals, they’re catching up with Clay and he is not in a good place when Season 4 opens. And honestly, it gets worse for the kid as senior year winds down, leading to some of Minnette’s most heartbreaking work. So it was a relief to chat with the impressive young actor and find that he is upbeat about how Clay’s story, and the show in general, comes to a close.

And for those of you wondering about his band, Wallows, check out their new single “OK” here.

13 Reasons Why, Fourth and Final Season Premiere, Friday, June 5, Netflix


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